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Ramo Lordeni, Ph.D.

Dr Lordeni has a PhD in Adult Education with a focus on instructional design, adult learner needs and characteristics, adult learning theories, critical thinking, and workplace learning accompanied by years of research experience working with diverse populations.  He has held offices in various professional organizations and has been the lead researcher on several community-based projects to improve adult and community literacy, health, and vibrancy.  Dr Lordeni has served as the faculty lead for course redesigns, has served as a content expert in adult learning and characteristics, and has been lead faculty directing various faculty and community outreach programs. Dr Lordeni has received recognition for his work as well as twice honored by his students as an outstanding teacher.


His research has investigated adult learning as guided and informed by culture and power. Dr Lordeni has upwards of 60 research and practitioner conference presentations both in and beyond the United States as well as being an invited lecturer at Penn State University, Duquesne University, and the University of Toronto. His work includes studying those issues of adult learning related to power and control in corporate training programs, industrial shop-floors, K-12 teacher professional development, as well as post-secondary/Adult Basic Education/GED Prep instructor development and learning. Further, his research has investigated adult and community literacy and learning in vulnerable and at-risk populations.


Dr Lordeni has taught doctoral courses in Adult Learning Theory, Critical Thinking, International and Multicultural Perspectives in Postsecondary and Adult Education, Teaching in the Online Environment, The Adult Learner, Teaching in College, and Instructional Strategies in Adult and Higher Education. Through these courses and providing instruction in these specific content areas, he has increased his knowledge and insight in examining adult learning and literacy to best position adults for learning transfer. Other courses he taught were Qualitative Research and Data Analysis, and various workshops on qualitative research data collection, data collection instruments development, and data analysis practices.


Dr Lordeni maintains an active research agenda through his leadership in the Community-Based Research for Engagement and Education (CBREE) group.

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