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Ms Doris Pitts

Ms Pitts was born to an American soldier who served 24 years in both the Army and the Air Force, and an amazing German stay at home Mom. She was raised bilingual, by the age of 7, was fluent in German, English, and French.  Ms Pitts graduated a year early and was on track to attend Penn State. She made a life changing decision to marry her husband of 46 years. They traveled worldwide as her husband served almost 22 years in the Army and being stationed in places like Germany, Belgium, France, and of course the United States. They raised an amazing son and are very lucky to have a wonderful daughter in-law, and blessed to have the most amazing 5-year-old granddaughter!   

Ms Pitts worked in several jobs that included working in a finance center as a government employee, running a branch Agent for AIU Insurance, running a Morale-Welfare-Recreation Crafts Center as a ceramist, and for the International Tours & Travel Agency as a travel agent/tour guide. Recently, she retired after 34 years in the local Unified School District in Kansas.  During that time, she held positions as a Food Service Secretary, a Special Education Para for a Blind Student – and for an autistic student, an ELL Aid, and as a Library Clerk with students ages 4-19.  Although her formal education ended early, Ms Pitts has been an active lifelong learner.

Her deepest wish is for all people to make every attempt to develop a better understanding of basic human needs, help one another educate the future citizens of the world, to ultimately overcome the cultural differences that continue to hold us back from moving towards a peaceful and harmonious place.  Wherever that place may be.  A word that has been used to describe her – kindhearted.

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