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How do teachers describe learner engagement strategies to best-position the learner for learning transfer?

Dr. Kerrin Ingram


Chalkboard with Different Languages
Learning with Tablets
Classroom Lecture
Colors in English
College Campus

Teaching Focus


PreK-12, Higher Education, Adult Basic Education, Post Secondary Education, Certification Programs, Professional Development, Workplace Training, Prison Education, Homeless, Abuse Recovery Programs, Alternative Education Programs

Personal interviews will be conducted with the research participants (teachers). The interview is a semi-structured, open-ended interview. This allows for the interviewer to issue specific prompts as specific concepts are of interest. The open-ended provides the forum for the teacher to expand their responses leading to a thick, rich description of their discussion of experiences. Each teacher will be issued the same interview protocol and be required to sign an informed consent form prior to participation. Each interview will be audio recorded to produce a transcript. Each teacher will be provided the opportunity to review their transcript prior to data analysis.

Formal documents will be requested in the form of lesson plans, work products, test scores, subject paper scores, and curricula.

Other documents will be learner notes, reflective journals, student memos, drawings, and various other documents that speak to the teacher-learner interaction.

By securing a copy of various documents, a better understanding of the teacher's interaction with their learners may be grasped thus leading to further insight into their practice instructing culturally and linguistically diverse learners.


Instructional tools and other various artifacts used for instruction will be sought. Among the inquires will be a description of the teacher either using the tool as directed, a description of any tool modification/revisions, or a description regarding any tools the teacher may have developed. By having the teacher provide various tools as well as a discussion of the tool and its use, a more integrative understanding of the teacher's learning may be understood.

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Teacher and Student
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