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What We Do
21st Century Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning



  • works with individuals, communities, and businesses to identify the various factors that adults describe as best supporting their learning experiences.   

  • seeks to identify the aspects that adults describe as an obstacle to learning. 

  • works with individuals, communities, and organizations to identify best instructional development and practices.

Social science research in communities and organizations for the advancement of members in building healthy and vibrant communities.

With 51 million adults being low-skilled in literacy and 75 million being low-skilled numeracy, there are only 1.5 million adults registered in adult literacy programs.

We need to collaborate to identify and re-imagine adult and community literacy programs that will build a stronger, vibrant, and prosperous society where all people are valued as contributing members.


Research We Offer

Research We Offer.png

Qualitative research helps to identify the social, cultural, and historical foundations serving to maintain status quo. The research findings will provide the guidance for developing community and workplace programs necessary for initiating "fundamental changes in the way people think and act. Lifelong learning is a necessary part of making this change." This is crucial for communities to support their members' development as leaders and engaged participants.

The programs will help

"• reduce the negative impacts of economic and other human activities on the natural environment;
• protect the natural environment and enhancing the liveability of our cities; and
• promote sustainable development through active learning in all settings."

SOURCE: UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, Guiding Documents, p. 6 (opens as a pdf)

Dissertation Mentoring and Consultation


CBREE's staff will provide individual and group consultation and guidance for the various sections of the doctoral proposal and the doctoral dissertation/doctoral study.  Each session is one hour in duration.  Sections like developing the problem statement, developing the research question, the literature review, selecting the appropriate methods, etc.

Our Mission

The mission of the Community-Based Research for Engagement and Education (CBREE) Group is to conduct collaborative, field-initiated research on adult and community learning and literacy informed by social, economic, political, human resource, and social-environmental issues. CBREE also recognizes as part of its mission the importance of combining expertise and capacities of multiple organizations, disciplines, and professions in addressing complex community problems especially in disenfranchised and vulnerable neighborhoods. CBREE seeks to identify plausible findings to guide adult and community education and literacy programs leading to increased equity regarding family and community health and vibrancy.

What is CBREE?

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