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Kerrin Ingram, D.Ed.

Dr Ingram has an EdD in Adult Education, Masters of Education in Instructional Design, Bachelors of Arts in Elementary Education, and an Associates of Science Degree in Child Development.  Dr Ingram also has Certificates in Child Development I and II.  She has membership in Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Delta Honor Society, National Society of Leadership & Success, International Scholar Laureate Honor Award, and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

She has extensive experience in developing curriculum, managing, and facilitating adult basic education instruction and programs, alternative instruction, behavioral and intervention strategies, providing workplace readiness instruction, and provided adult basic education and workplace readiness instruction for detention center populations.

Dr Ingram also has experience teaching, directing, and organizing primary school, middle school, and secondary school programs in English language arts, health, physical education, and age-appropriate curriculum for preschool teachers and toddler programs.

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